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Be stronger

Unleash your digitized contracts

Digitize your contracts and get the benefits.

Your Benefits.

  • Claims Automation
  • Agile development and rapid prototyping
  • Business centric development environment
  • Data collection and insights

Compose digital contracts with our visual composer. While designing the contract, you can interact with it using past claims data, to see how your changes affect the numbers. Modify existing contracts or create new ones - without the need for a big IT project.

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Claims Handling

Once a digital contract is set up, it automatically asks the right questions and leads the customer or claims department through the settlement process and calculates a detailed overview of how much every party owes.

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Run simulations, analyze contracts and collect detailed data about all claims. Find out ways to make your contract easier to understand for the customer, with the confidence that the data provides. And use your claims data to precisely target your marketing campaigns.

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Business in the driver's seat.

Our tool ties together business and smart contracts. No need for an expensive and complicated IT project to create and mantain your general insurance conditions. Use our visual programming language to digitize and test your contract, and have claims handling out of the box.

What to expect

Our design goals that we always keep in mind

Robust + futureproof codebase

Our products constantly go through a rigirous review process, to insure the platform is ready to be maintained, updated and improved on at all times.

No unexpected surprises

Compared to automation through machine learning or similar, our approach will reliable calculate the same result for an input each time, an important part in every customer relationship.

Integrate custom processes

With "Mitra-Processes", we provide a way of integrating business related processes so that they can communicate with the digital contract.

Open to extensions and 3rd party developers

Fraud detection, OCR or B2B solutions? Our well documented API is open to our customers and our partner companies.

Visual programming

With our composer specifically designed for insurance contracts, you can tackle any contract head on.

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Automatic Claims Handling

Precise, efficient and reliable claims questionaires are generated automatically for each contract. If you have custom processes (fraud detection, image recognition, etc), there is a way to integrate them as well.

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Collect valuable data to understand

  • what your customers need
  • which parts of the contracts are customers happy with
  • how your products can be simplified
  • which clauses in your contract are hardly ever used

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Approved with real-world claims.

Our platform has been throughly tested and approved by top tier insurances. Contact us for a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) or offer, so we can convince you as well.