Computable Contracts Mitra Solutions creates them for your business

We build a Computable Contracts framework tailored to the needs of your industry.

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Insurance Platform

Get out of the box claims handling and analytics powered by our platform with our visual contract language.

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We help design your own DSL (Domain Specific Language) and take you from an idea to a product.

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Compare your insurance

Compare your insurance contract - in detail.

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Insurance Smart Contracts


Our Solution for insurers in a Nutshell

Complete Contracts

Mitra Computable Contracts are legally and computationally complete. Information concerning the legal agreement as well as data relevant for automated analysis and execution is embedded within the contracts.

Rich Tooling

Our Contract Composer, an integrated drag-and-drop development environment for contracts, enables industry professionals to create computable contracts in terms of interacting with an intuitive graphical user interface. Moreover, functionality to simulate, analyze and compare contracts is available out-of-the-box.

Tunable Automation

Unlike consensus based smart contract platforms where full automation and enforced execution is applied to essentially turn code into "binding agreements", our system of computationally and legally complete contracts allows for a much more fine-grained kind of control over the degree of contract automation.

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